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My Visit to Dutch Safari Company

I found myself in Austin Texas a short time ago. My son and I tagged along on a trip my wife’s school sent her on. Matt B. on the facebook page mentioned that I should skip my flight back to Connecticut, and drive a Dutch Safari 110 back!  That did sound like a great idea with how into the vehicles I am these days.  So, I contacted Nick from Dutch Safari and asked him if I could stop by the shop before I have to head back home. He sent me a very welcoming message back with their new location, so I packed up our hotel room and headed to Dutch Safari.

It was a bit of a drive from where we were staying, but we got to see a bit more of Texas on our way over. When we pulled in, Nick came out and greeted my son and I and was more than happy to show us around his shop.  He showed me all of his latest projects, I am beginning to love the old 2 door Ranges again. They are quite nice and very rugged.

This stop was a real treat for me, and the perfect way to use up the last couple of hours of our stay in Austin, which has become one of my favorite cities. Knowing that there are a couple of vintage rover enthusiasts/experts in the area just made Austin even cooler in my book.

You can learn more about Dutch Safari here  and follow their Facebook page while you are at it!

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